Mission & Values

Our Mission

Holderness School fosters equally in each student the resources of the mind, body, and spirit in the creation of a caring community, inspiring all to work for the betterment of humankind and God’s creation.

Our Vision

Holderness School will redefine leadership and intellectual development, preparing all for their journeys in a changing world.

Honor Code

The Honor Code, covering all aspects of school life, states:

A code of honor supports the trust we place in each other. It commits us to working together to build a community based on honesty, respect, responsibility, and trust. Being honorable means doing what is right, even if no one will ever know, and even if it comes at a personal cost.

In a small school like Holderness, the relationships between all members of the community are vital as we strive to be a culture of honor and integrity. Guiding principles of the Honor Code are honesty, respect, responsibility, and trust. We have to build this culture of honor, integrity and care in the school; it doesn’t just exist because we want it to or because we have an honor code. We make community. We build it not only by doing our best to abide by the community expectations and rules, but also by myriad other small and large things we do each day.

Holderness School's Core Values

List of 3 items.

  • Character

    We believe that growth is rooted in initiative, dependability, and fairness and in a person's readiness to embrace new challenges.
  • Community

    We cultivate the bonds that unite us and the role that those relationships play in elevating learning and how we live.
  • Curiosity

    We match academic rigor with a commitment to inquiry as a means of forging a life-long pursuit of learning.

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