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A Letter from the Head of School

Dear Friends and Visitors,

What do I love about Holderness? What has kept me coming back for two decades as a teacher and coach and dorm parent, and now as the head of school? I think it comes down to the fact that Holderness is not simply a school, it’s a lifestyle—a lifestyle that celebrates a number of different things, and holds them all in a balance you’ll find nowhere else.

To live at Holderness is to be intellectually passionate and always curious; to be public–spirited and always attentive to the needs of others; to be physically active and always in touch with the outdoors; to be artistically creative and always conscious of the power of intuition and imagination; and to be aware, finally, of the spiritual dimensions of human experience.

The late Don Henderson often quoted Robert Frost when he was teaching here. Don said that his object in living was to unite his avocation and his vocation “as my two eyes make one in sight.” As a legendary Holderness history teacher and a former coach of the US National Ski Team, Don knew how to achieve that sort of vision. His work was full of playfulness, and he and other great teachers here have helped the whole community to live and work that way.

This is what makes life at Holderness rich and full. It’s a recipe not only for success, but for the joy a person finds in exercising all of his or her gifts.


Phil Peck, Head of School

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Head of School, Phil Peck, has been documenting the daily life of Holderness School one photo at a time since 2001, highlighting teaching moments, inspirational chapels, Head’s Day shenanigans, service projects, and more.

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    Our mission is clear: Holderness School will redefine leadership and intellectual development, preparing all for their journeys in a changing world.

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    Excellence in teaching, small class-rooms, a college-preparatory curriculum, and the support of a close-knit community ensures success for all Holderness students.

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    Holderness is the only independent boarding school offering ski-racing at world-class levels in combination with a top-tier college preparatory education. Learn more about our signature Snow Sports program here.

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    At Holderness we begin with relationships—the bonds that unite us with friends, coaches, and teachers. Click here to find out how we cultivate this environment of inclusion and support.

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    Holderness School seeks to redefine leadership for the 21st century, providing exceptional collaborative, empathic team-building training to all students.

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