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Clubs at Holderness provide a place where like-minded students can meet and discuss common interests. It is often clubs that organize weekend activities and give presentations during weekly assemblies. Clubs often begin new initatives on campus, like the composting effort begun by the Green Team.

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  • Picador

    The Picador is a publication that serves to inform the Holderness School community and stimulate discourse through the thoughtful and respectful exchange of ideas, featuring the dynamic and insightful voice of the Holderness student body. The Picador is run by a small team of student editors, layout designers, and writers. Any student who enjoys writing and journalism is encouraged to write! Check it out online!
  • Vestry

    The Holderness Vestry program emphasizes service and spiritual growth through fellowship and action. Members volunteer at Holderness Central School, make care packages for service members on active duty, organize blood drives and fundraisers, and assist faith-based groups who share campus facilities. Weekly meetings in the home of the chaplain provide a chance for fellowship and discussion.
  • The Dial

    The Dial is the Holderness School yearbook. It is run by a team of 6-8 students under a faculty advisor. The student editors work all year taking photos, pulling photos from the school database, and laying out all the pages. The yearbook staff is open to everyone who is interested. If you are looking for a way to connect with your peers and to create something that will last a lifetime, this club is for you.
  • Green Team

    The Green Team is a group of 4-6 students who are dedicated to making Holderness a more environmentally conscious place. Their activities include taking the organic waste from the kitchens and composting it, weeding out invasive species from in and around campus and educating the student body at assemblies. The Green Team is also in charge of making sure the campus garden on South Side is ready for spring planting. The Green Team is open to all students who are interesting in helping to create a more sustainable future for Holderness.
  • Math Team

    For students who are looking for a little bit more math in their lives, this club is the one. The Math Team meets twice a month to prepare for local and regional competitions and for the end-of-year national test. This club is open to all students who would like an extra academic challenge.
  • Investment Club

    The Investment Club is a group of students passionate about learning the ins and outs of the stock market. Members research and follow stocks on both an individual and collaborative basis, following personal stocks through the virtual trading platform, MarketWatch. Later in the year, members pitch potentially successful stocks to the group, expecting further discussion as to whether it should be added to the group portfolio to eventually be invested on the actual stock market. Anyone with an interest in learning how the stock market works is welcome to join!

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  • Alliance

    The Alliance is a group of students dedicated to helping the LGBT+ community at Holderness. Every year they organize the Day of Silence, a day designed to raise awareness of the silence of closeted LGBT+ youth. They also organize bake sales during parents’ weekends, with all money going to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit that focuses on suicide prevention in the LGBT+ community. The Alliance is open to everyone. If you are looking for a club that is dedicated to helping others and working to make Holderness a more inclusive and welcoming place, this one is for you.
  • Go-Kart Club

    The Go-Kart Club was founded by students interested in hands-on work. The group meets twice a week with the school mechanic to build a Go-Kart from scratch. Together, they cut and weld metal, design and construct mechanical systems, and even craft the seat from plywood and fabric. The goal for the year is to complete two working Go-Karts to compare and contrast the speed and stability of different designs. No experience is necessary to join the Go-Kart Club.
  • Writing Club

    The Writing Club, formerly the Poetry Club, is a group of students who love writing and who love sharing what they’ve written. Meetings take many different forms. Sometimes a prompt is given, or sometimes the members are encouraged to write whatever they want. In the spring, they use the time to practice for Poetry Out Loud, a national competition of spoken word poems. Anyone with a writing tool and an idea is welcome to join, and if you don’t have either, the club will provide.
  • Multicultural Club

    The Multicultural Club is a student-oriented group that meets bi-monthly with the Director of Diversity. The goal of the Multicultural Club is to explore and promote an increased understanding of global differences and difference among our school community. Members of the club strive to further the school’s knowledge of the world community and to foster appreciation of different cultures, nationalities, religions, ethnic groups, and languages. The Multicultural Club has a vital role in bringing students and faculty together in a friendly, celebratory, and educative manner, and to act as agents for change on campus. This work is done in student-led assemblies, at themed dinners, with presentations, speakers, chapel talks, and at our comprehensive Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration. In addition, the club members have opportunities to connect with local students and students from across the nation by attending several conferences throughout the year. The Multicultural Club is delighted to announce that Holderness will be hosting the inaugural Lakes Region Students of Color Conference this fall.
  • Outdoor Club

    The Outdoor Club is a group of students who, as you might expect, love to be outside. They organize camping, hiking, backcountry skiing, and fly fishing trips on the weekends and sometimes in the mornings, too. In the past, for example, groups of students have skied up and down Tenney Mountain and still made it back to campus before school starts at 8am. Outing Club was also re-introduced this year as a spring sport.

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