Experiential Learning

Exploring Identity Through Art

Artward Bound is a nationally recognized program that is unique to Holderness School. This ten-day program strives to breakdown the perceived boundaries of what it means to be artistic.

Every year, we invite working artists from all over the country, who specialize in a variety of media, to work closely with and perform alongside our students and faculty. They teach, inspire, and guide our students as they unleash their creative spirit. Our hope for our sophomores is that they discover the role art can play in exploring their identities and understanding their places in the world.
With the 9th, 11th, and 12th grades engaged in their own Special Programs off campus, it is a time that binds the sophomore class together; the campus becomes their creative playground, and they discover their artistic passions while forging new friendships.

2017 Visiting Artists

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  • Andrew Morrissey

    Mr. Morrissey has been working as a pianist and musical director in community, regional, and semi-professional theatre for the past decade. He has also written several musicals: Little Monsters (for 4th-6th graders), Roaring, which will have a Baltiomre premiere in Fall 2017, and Lost In Wonderland, which had its DC premiere in June 2016. He is excited to bring his talents and passion for music here to the Holderness School and its students.
  • Anthony Febo

    Anthony Febo, or just Febo, has been on stage since the seventh grade, first embracing the emceeing aspect of writing. Febo rapped for five years, and has now moved on to spoken word poetry. Febo takes truth and sugarcoats it with metaphors and witty word play. Febo is a member of the spoken word trio L.I.F.E. which consist of Masada Jones and Joey B. They include their diversity in not only life, but in poetry to combine and create some of the most captivating performance poetry in all of Lowell.
  • Ara Cardew

    Ara Cardew is a master potter with over twenty years experience in all areas of stoneware and porcelain pottery production, including throwing, slipware, glaze development, decoration, and firing. Ara apprenticed with his grandfather, Michael Cardew, and managed the family pottery, Wenford Bridge Pottery, Cornwall, England for many years. Locally he has been a production potter for Miranda Thomas, Simon Pearce, and Tariki. His teaching emphasis is on forms and decorations of the English slipware tradition.
  • Eddie Klinker

    Eddie Klinker decided to head to Chicago to pursue comedy after being passed up for the titular roles of Iron Man, Jason Bourne, and Saving Mr. Banks but that's ok, HE DIDNT WANT THEM ANYWAY! He can now be seen at the iO Theater performing for free with his Harold Team Shania. You wont find him on Instagram or Snapchat because he deleted them after a recent break up.
  • Garry Kalajian

    Garry Kalajian became interested in blacksmithing in the early 1980s while teaching at an outdoor school, and in 1993 switched to full-time blacksmithing. Mr. Kalajian operates Ararat Forge, producing functional pieces based on both historic and original designs. The common denominator is the nearly-exclusive use of traditional tools and techniques.
  • Griffin Wenzler

    Griffin Wenzler is originally from Nashville, TN, where he played in an instrumental rock band called Lasermonster. Now he lives in Chicago because that is where comedy lives and comedy is more important than instrumental rock. In Chicago he can be seen performing with Trigger Happy at the Annoyance Theater every Wednesday as well as with house teams at the iO and CIC theaters. He would like to thank his family and his haters for pushing him to new heights. Follow him at @BadBoyRkLobster.
  • Lisa Travis

    Lisa Travis is the former Director of Dance at New Hampton School. She has been teaching and choreographing for the past 25 years, after studying dance at the Boston Conservatory of Music. Lisa has performed with modern dance companies in California and Rhode Island and has danced with Emmy Award winner Billbob Brown since 2002. She is the founder and artistic director of Terminal Hip Dance Theater, a colloborative performance group based in Plymouth, NH. Lisa choreographs musicals for private and public high schools in NH, PSU's Department of Theater, the Papermill Theater. Most recently she was a guest choreographer for the Vietnamese National Opera and Ballet.
  • Sonja Holmberg

    Sonja Holmberg is an arts educator and book artist who grew up in a small town of nine hundred people in Western Massachusetts. She attended Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, receiving a triple major in French, English, and Studio Art. Last year, Sonja's wrote, illustrated, and self-published an autobiographical graphic novel entitled One of the Guys, which is available for purchase at several independent comic stores in Massachusetts. She has a passion for teaching and frequently incorporates graphic novels into her lesson plans to promote her students’ enthusiasm for reading and the arts. Sonja currently teaches Studio Art and French at Holderness School in Holderness, New Hampshire.
  • Stacey Lucas

    Her real name is Stacey Lucas, but the name Veggie Art Girl traces back to her roots at her first artsy job, where she drew large vegetables on chalkboards in a grocery store. Stacey saved every penny from that job to put herself through college. Stacy blogs at
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