Double Vision: Grandeur Discovery Despair Hope, Paintings and Poems of our NH Mountains

Holderness School is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit that features the collaboration of poet Timothy Muskat’s and artist Kathryn Field’s creative depiction of the glory and beauty of the White Mountains. While well-timed as the National Forest Service marks the 100th birthday of the 800,000 acres since President Woodrow Wilson signed the executive order in 1918 that created the White Mountain National Forest, the exhibit offers a dance of interpretation and honors a long-standing collaboration.
Marking a partnership of contemplation, the exhibit brings forth a three-year endeavor of the two Sandwich, New Hampshire artists. As Kathryn describes their work, “Many of my paintings begin with Tim’s spectacular orographic photographs – which...he sees merely as documentation of his mountain experiences. But his photographs are richly informative to me because they allow me in some sense to see what he is literally seeing out there in the rugged wild.”

The paired paintings and poems provide space for the viewer to consider multiple methods of expression and exploration. They offer a layering of perspectives. While Kathryn uses Timothy’s photographs to inspire her paintings, Timothy, in turn describes a “re-experiencing” that he considers finding “kinship and equivalence in her vision of my experience that my ‘original’ photographs, necessarily, in no way compass or provide.”

Each artist, fueled by the inspiration of the other offers these words of reflection:

Timothy -- “I have come to see this phenomenon, over the nearly three years Kathryn and I have been working together, as largely the accident of art.  By which I mean, that specific and sometimes haunting way in which a painting or a poem or a piece of wordless music can transport what we think we know, and who we think we are, to a whole new realm.”

Kathryn -- “It is very much a dance.  But just as in dancing, if you look down too often you will step on your partner’s feet. So in the end I rely on my understanding of color and emotion to carry me forward.”

The exhibit opens on Friday, September 14th with a reception and poetry reading, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. Kathryn, an educator and former teacher at Holderness School has work in many collections throughout the United States, China, and Australia. She spends the majority of her time as a practicing artist. She will be demonstrating in art classes and presenting to the Holderness School student body. Timothy is a former professor of English and creative writing and will be available to speak about the writing process and his work to Holderness students. He writes extensively, has authored four collections of poems, and is the recipient of several prizes and awards for both his teaching and poetry. This exhibit marks the third collaboration Kathryn and Timothy have done.

Kathryn provides a description about the art of collaborative work, especially the work that she and Timothy have experienced stating it requires listening and trust, and provides a rare opportunity to sit with another and focus on that person’s every word and gesture – to look deeply into whatever place he is coming from... a chance to walk in his shoes and see through his eyes. This mutual sharing – a willingness to make oneself vulnerable to another – is at once invigorating and challenging. And it pushes me, as a painter, to move about my work in whole new ways.”

On exhibit: September 14- October 26, 2018.
An opening reception and poetry reading for the exhibit is on September 14 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM with the poetry reading at 7:15 PM.
Gallery hours: Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 9 AM - 5 PM and Wednesday and Saturdays, 9 AM - Noon.
Please note the exhibit is not open on Sundays and closed on October 15-16.

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