Holderness Fund

The Holderness Fund

The Holderness Fund is a core strength of our community. We were founded on the philanthropy of church leaders and farsighted patrons, and every gift you make to the Holderness Fund directly supports every aspect of Holderness School.

Our goal for the Holderness Fund is to provide more than $1.5 million annually for the Holderness School operating budget. Along with tuition and the endowment, a strong Holderness Fund is what allows our students to thrive through careful financial stewardship of resources, operating effectiveness, and sound management of school assets.

The Holderness Fund is opportunity. Like most independent schools Holderness has three sources of revenue: tuition, the Holderness Fund, and interest from endowment. Your support of the Holderness Fund is a crucial part of our revenue. Giving to Holderness fuels 20% of the annual cost of operating our school.
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Holderness Fund Team

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Darren Moore

    Darren Moore 99

    Director of the Holderness Fund
    (603) 779-5245
  • Photo of Kelly van Lingen

    Kelly van Lingen 

    Assistant Director of the Holderness Fund
    (603) 779-5220
  • Photo of Neal Frei

    Neal Frei 03

    Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
    (603) 779-5264
  • Photo of Carolyn Soucy

    Carolyn Soucy 

    Assistant Director of Parent Relations & On-Campus Events
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