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Welcome Parents

Welcome Parents!

At Holderness, parents are an important part of our community. Our password protected portal myHOLDERNESS will keep you informed about all things Holderness. Please use the red myHOLDERNESS button at the top of the page to access the portal. Once you login, you'll have access to lots of content made just for parents, including an online directory, electronic forms, information about volunteer opportunities, and the school calendar. You'll also be able to update your profile and access your child's report cards. 
We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you around campus!

Holderness Parents Association

The Holderness School Parents Association offers parents an opportunity to become involved in the life of the school through its support of a variety of programs and events during the school year. All current parents are members of the HSPA, and are encouraged to get involved in different activities to meet other parents and stay connected to the school. 
The Parents Association Fund supports activities throughout the year that include faculty appreciation programs, Exam Bake, student activities, dorm nights, and more! 

If you would like be more involved with planning any Parents Association activities, please contact Joia Hughes, P'22 or Jane Lewis-Raymond P'23. You can find their contact info the myHolderness portal or contact us at

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Parent Contacts

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  • Photo of Mb Duckett Ireland

    Mb Duckett Ireland 

    Dean of Students & English Faculty
  • Photo of Tyler Cabot

    Tyler Cabot 

    History Faculty & Director of Residential Life
    (603) 779-5355
  • Photo of Marilee Lin

    Marilee Lin 

    English Department Chair & International Student Coordinator
    (603) 779-5379
  • Photo of Carolyn Soucy

    Carolyn Soucy 

    Assistant Director of Parent Relations & On-Campus Events

Student Handbook

COVID-19 Updates


With the emergence of the highly transmissible Delta variant and a stark rise in COVID-19 cases across the United States and around the world, we have decided to reconsider our reopening plans with the goal of having a healthy and safe campus for all community members. 

We will keep families informed as we approach the opening of school. Below are a series of commonly asked questions that will help you plan.

Vaccine FAQ's

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

Arrival and Drop-Off

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Will you require a COVID PCR Testing Prior to Arrival?

    Due to the fact that the Delta variant is highly contagious, we are requiring all fully vaccinated students to get a negative PCR, NAAT, or Rapid PCR COVID test within 10 days of their arrival on campus. Rapid tests (non PCR) are not acceptable. We are trying to avoid any “surprises” with asymptomatic infections before we begin our campus-wide testing of all students and employees. COVID test results may be uploaded to Magnus, or you can bring them to campus on your arrival day. If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 this summer, please contact the Health Center ( to let them know. 
    Unvaccinated students (or those not fully vaccinated) are required to get a negative PCR, NAAT, or Rapid PCR COVID test within three days of their arrival on campus. Rapid tests (non PCR) are not acceptable. COVID test results may be uploaded to Magnus, or you can bring them to campus on your arrival day. If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 this summer, please contact the Health Center ( to let them know.
  • Do students need to Smart Quarantine before arrival?

    All unvaccinated students are required to quarantine at home for 10 days prior to travel (or quarantine locally, if you are arriving in the area early). During these 10 days, you should plan to stay at home except for medical care and urgent necessities. You should not attend public events or visit public venues, nor should you host gatherings within your home.
  • If students and families are vaccinated, do they need to wear masks when they arrive?

    For registration and move-in days, we ask that all students and family members, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks when indoors. Masks will be optional for everyone when outdoors. We know that we will have high numbers of visitors in small spaces on these days, from many different parts of the world, of various ages and with varied vaccination status and comfort levels with being in proximity. We ask everyone to be masked indoors on arrival days to put more families at ease on their first day at Holderness.
  • What are the requirements for students traveling from out of the country?

    Students traveling from outside of the United States are encouraged to check the CDC website and to check with the airlines before travel. Holderness expects that students will follow specified requirements in order to assure safe arrival to campus.
  • Will parents be allowed in the dorms at drop-off?

    Parents, guardians, and other family members will be allowed to enter dormitories with their child but are asked to be mindful of the number of people in each dorm room as students are unpacking. We ask that all students and families, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks whenever they are indoors for registration and move-in.

Safety Protocols

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  • Will students be tested for COVID on campus? 

    We are requiring all students and employees to test for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. This testing will be done on campus, and more details will be forthcoming before the start of the school year.
  • Will students need to remain physically distanced and practice good hand hygiene?

    While six feet of separation was a requirement for safety last term, the CDC no longer suggests this is necessary for fully vaccinated individuals. We ask that everyone keep in mind that not all students or adults will be or can be vaccinated against COVID-19 and a respectful distance should be maintained from others as much as is feasible. All members of the community should continue to practice good hand hygiene. Hand sanitation stations will remain available throughout campus.
  • What safety protocols do unvaccinated students with a health or religious exemption need to follow?

    With the emergence of the highly transmissible Delta variant and the fact that we have residential community members who are not age-eligible for the vaccine or are immunocompromised, we will require unvaccinated students to wear a mask whenever they are indoors, except when in their assigned dormitory room. We recognize that it may be challenging for unvaccinated students to be subject to different expectations than their peers, and we will do our best to support their needs, both physical and emotional, and to convey messages of inclusion and respect to all students as we navigate these challenges together. We will reevaluate our mask policy later this fall and make changes to this policy if this appears appropriate per local conditions and current understanding of the evolving pandemic. 
  • What will happen if there is a positive case on campus?

    We are following guidelines from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) on how best to keep our campus safe. If a fully vaccinated student tests positive for COVID-19, they will need to isolate for 10 days. Any student who lives within driving distance to Holderness will need to isolate at home. For students who are unable to return home without using public transportation, we will provide appropriate isolation spaces on campus. Should your child be identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case, they will need to monitor their symptoms, get a COVID PCR test within three to five days after exposure, and wear a mask inside all buildings until they receive their test results. 

Campus Life

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Will there be a hybrid option for classes this year?

    It’s not an option for students to choose to learn remotely this year. However, if a student needs to isolate or quarantine for a brief period of time, we will work with those students and teachers on how best to keep up with classwork.
  • What can students expect in terms of the dorm experience?

    Residential life will continue to be an important part of the Holderness experience for boarders and day students. We will share more information regarding open dorms and visitations with students not affiliated with a dormitory during the all-school assembly on Friday August, 20th.
  • Will there be interscholastic athletics?

    Yes. We will be holding athletic activities and spectators are allowed at this time. The Lakes Region Schools are still working to determine the policy for spectators at away games, and we will share updates with you as soon as possible.
  • What will dining look like?

    The dining hall will return to near normal operations with the self-service salad and deli bar, dishes and flatware for indoor dining, and dining rooms open for students, employees, and resident faculty families. We will also offer additional outdoor seating in good weather. Masks will be required in the Weld Servery.
  • Will there be an on-campus family weekend in October?

    Yes. Parents Weekend is scheduled for October 8th and 9th. Program details can be found on the Fall Parents Weekend page.
  • Will students be able to walk into town this year?

    Yes, we are allowing students to walk downtown to Plymouth. They will be required to wear masks when inside any building. Students can eat purchased food outside or back on campus, but they are not allowed to eat inside restaurants until the local transmission rates decrease.
  • Where can students study on campus? 

    During the day, students can study in their rooms, in the Alfond library, and in Weld. 9th grade students will be required to attend daytime study hall in the Alfond library during their free blocks. In the evenings, students can study in the dormitories, and in the Davis Center. There will be a proctored evening study hall in the Davis Center for new 9th and 10th graders, and for any student on academic warning or probation. The Carpenter Center for the Arts will be open for students working on art or music assignments. Schoolhouse will be open for members of the senior class. 
  • Will there be any orientation activities?

    Yes. We are planning our traditional Orientation Hike trip for all new students and then additional on-campus orientation activities for new and returning students before classes begin on Tuesday, September 7th. 
  • What will the classroom experience be like?

    Classes will be held in person, in classrooms, laboratories, and performance spaces. Increased ventilation will remain in place with supplemental systems where needed.
  • Are visitors welcome on campus this fall?

    Yes. Parents and other visitors are welcome to visit campus. Masks will be required  for all guests whenever indoors.  
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