Experiential Learning
“As juniors we had to build fires on Out Back. We needed to find the right place, gather enough firewood, and gather bark to start the fire. If we missed any of those steps, our fires wouldn’t start. Senior Thesis is like making a fire; it needs a lot of preparation. If you don’t gather enough sources, interview enough people, or ask enough questions, you won’t be able to answer your essential question. However, when you do, all your hard work will pay off, and you will feel the same pride like when you made your first fire during Solo.” – SJ Kim '15

Question. Research. Explore. Share.

Senior Thesis is an experiential educational opportunity designed to provide our seniors with the platform to develop their intellectual curiosity as they delve into a topic of their choice through research and exploration. As the culminating academic experience, Senior Thesis affords every student the opportunity to practice research and presentation skills with guidance from a class advisor and mentoring from adults with expertise within the student’s field of interest.
The Senior Thesis program is a bridge for seniors to move smoothly towards college–level work with the additional guidance of experts, community and family members, friends, and alumni. The pool of volunteer supporters is becoming broader each year, and the opportunities for a 40+ hour experiential element in March are also expanding. As we continue to build this program, it becomes evident that this type of experiential learning can help students find a career path, pursue life–style practices, and develop hobbies and interests that last a lifetime. Whatever the takeaway, our students are better prepared for the road ahead.
"Senior Thesis provides students with a great opportunity to pursue what they are interested in learning. Humans by nature are curious beings, and this course provides seniors with the perfect opportunity to explore the vast realm of information first hand.” –Henry Liu ’15

"Senior Thesis provided me with the opportunity to pursue a topic that I was deeply excited about. Through my study of yoga, I grew to understand its complex historical roots and the personal benefits it provides. My March experience allowed me to fully immerse myself in my practice which I am still committed to daily." – Emily Clifford ’15

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