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In the Holderness classroom every student is in the front row. With an average class size of 12, and with levels ranging from introductory to Advanced Placement, our curriculum is rich with choices. Innovation, collaboration, and flexibility are the prerequisites; passion and accomplishment are the results. Here, again, our community life plays a fundamental role. Our students are known, nurtured, and encouraged. They feel safe enough to take the intellectual risks they need to grow.

The Holderness School classroom is an academically challenging environment. We have a rigorous preparatory school curriculum that is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need for success in college.

Learning at Holderness is very often experiential, takes advantage of the out-of-doors whenever possible, and is also one of the best examples of our challenge–and–support philosophy. Students reach their highest potential in classrooms through a combination of one–on–one support from faculty, the collaboration, diversity, and inspiration of their classmates, and the certain knowledge that a first–rate education will nurture their bodies and souls, as well as their minds.

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Learn about the requirements for each year and read our course descriptions in our Curriculum Guide.

The Holderness School Handbook offers a comprehensive look at the life of students from the dress code to grading, from weekend policies to the Job Program. Take a closer look!

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