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“Evolving Tradition” Opens at the Edwards Art Gallery November 4, 2014
Opening November 4th and running through December 13th, “Evolving Tradition,” a show featuring the work of ceramic artist Yoshinori Hagiwara, will be on view at the Edwards Art Gallery at the Holderness School in Plymouth, NH. Hagiwara was born in 1974 as the fifth generation of the Hagiwara workshop and is part of a tradition that includes last year’s exhibitor and renowned ceramic artist, Ken Matsuzaki.  The opening reception is on November 4th from 6:30 – 8pm

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The Picador: The Parents' Weekend Edition
Inside this issue:
- An interview with Jini Rae Sparkman
- A Letter from Abroad: Paige Pfenninger '15 writes from Bosnia
- Dearly Departed Thespians: Unplugged
To read the online version click here!

State of the School 2014 | Alumni Convocation Address
On Saturday, September 27th, Head of School Phil Peck addressed alumni and faculty at the first annual Alumni Convocation on the state of the school.  His address entitled, "The Paradox of Holderness Today, is below.  Bruce Barton, our director of college counseling, gave an introduction that can be read here.
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Aerial Photos of Holderness School
Today we had an unexpected visitor from the Class of 1979, Ian McIntyre. Ian landed his plane on the lower fields, picked up Director of Publications Emily Magnus, and flew back over campus for a quick photo shoot. The views were spectacular and we are grateful to have a new selection of aerial photographs of campus. To see photographs of the trip, visit our Smugmug page.
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Gallery of the Week
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This week's Gallery of the Week features lots of firsts, including the first trenches on campus for the new heating pipes and the first pink-out in honor of breast cancer awareness. Take a look at our Smugmug Gallery of the Week to see what the Bulls were up to.
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Friday, October 24, 2014
Board of Trustees Fall Meeting

Saturday, October 25, 2014
Board of Trustees Fall Meeting

ACTs (Seniors)

First Quarter Ends

Soccer Girls JV1
2:30 PM
Soccer Girls JV1 vs Proctor Academy
Soccer Girls Varsity
2:30 PM
Location: Playing Fields - Wales Fields (Lower Fields) - 3
Soccer Girls Varsity vs Proctor Academy
Field Hockey Girls JV
2:30 PM
Location: Brewster Academy
Field Hockey Girls JV vs Brewster Academy
Football Boys Varsity
2:30 PM
Football Boys Varsity vs Hyde School - ME
Soccer Boys JV2
3:00 PM
Location: Playing Fields - Wales Fields (Lower Fields) - 3
Soccer Boys JV2 vs Kimball Union Academy
Soccer Boys JV1
3:30 PM
Soccer Boys JV1 vs Winchendon School
Field Hockey Girls Varsity
4:15 PM
Field Hockey Girls Varsity vs Milton Academy
Monday, October 27, 2014
Second Quarter Begins