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  • December

    Rev. Weymouth sharing the tale of

    The Tale of Barrington Bunny

    Rich Weymouth
    It has become a tradition at Holderness during the holiday season to hear the tale of "Barrington Bunny," written by Martin Bell. This morning in chapel, Rev. Weymouth shared it with us during his sermon. The beautiful tale of selfless sacrifice is reprinted below for all to read.
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  • Gavin Bayruether '12

    Gavin Bayreuther '12 Reaches 100 Points for the Saints

    Emily Magnus
    Gavin Bayreuther '12 was in the headlines twice last month! First, he became St. Lawrence University's career leader for most goals by a defenseman ( Then he reached 100 points on November 27 ( Way to go Gavin!
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  • Terrance Amorosa

    Terrance Amorosa '13 Makes All Tournament Team at Shillelagh

    Emily Magnus
    Terrance Amorosa '13, who plays defense for Clarkson University, was named to the All-Tournament team at the 2016 Shillelagh Tournament where the Clarkson men claimed victory. 

    Read more about Clarkson's victory here: Clarkson Men Claim Shillelagh Tournament Title
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  • November

    Holderness Athletic Award Winners!

    Announcing our Fall Athletic Award Winners

    Emily Magnus
    It was a terrific fall with many teams making it to the playoffs. The boys' cross-country team and the girls' field hockey team were named Lakes Region Champs. In addition, the girls' field hockey team as well as the boys' soccer team went on to play in the NEPSAC tournaments in post season play. While neither team made it to the finals, their level of play is worthy of recognition! And while all the Bulls came together with their teammates each and every day, there are certain individuals who always go above and beyond. We had a chance to recognize their individual achievements during our Fall Sports Assembly. Below are short write-ups on the student-athletes who were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments! Photos of individuals receiving their awards can be found here!
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  • Julia Ford '08 at Lake Louise

    Julia Ford '08 Returns to Redneck Roots

    Emily Magnus just posted a great article on Julia Ford '08 and her return to racing this winter. And the article was written by one of our own--AJ Chabot '16! We're looking forward to following the progress of both of them! Check out the article here!
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  • One of many ceramic pieces on display in the Edwards Art Gallery

    Gallery Opens in November with "Holderness Collects"

    Emily Magnus
    For the second exhibit of the year, Holderness School is sharing its own collection. With the help of John '62 and Gretchen Swift, Holderness has spent the last six months cataloguing all the artwork on campus, and now it's time to share our discoveries!
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  • Thank Your Teachers

    Emily Magnus
    There's lots to be thankful for this year--a great new class of ninth graders, teams that made the NEPSAC playoffs, and endless intellectual conversations. But above all, we are grateful for the teachers at Holderness, who show up everyday and lead us in our learning journeys! Here's a quick video that shows just how great our teachers are: ThankYourTeachers!
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  • A student speaking during Defamation

    An Opportunity to Dig Deep

    Emily Magnus
    School Nights and guest speakers offer important moments of reflection in the rhythm of Holderness School. Who are we? How do we treat each other? What role do we play in our community? Last week we had the opportunity to hear from two speakers who challenged us to think beyond the every day and consider who we want to be and how we treat others.
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  • Boys' Varsity Soccer

    Two Teams Make NEPSAC Playoffs!

    Emily Magnus
    Congratulations to both the girls' varsity field hockey team and the boys' varsity soccer team for making the NEPSAC Class C Tournament!
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  • Holderness School Quarter 1 Honor Roll

    Emily Magnus
    Congratulations to all the students who made the Holderness School Honor Roll for the first quarter!
    Honor Roll
    Effort Honor Roll
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  • Jed Hoyer, Anthony Rizzo, and Theo Epstein

    Congratulations to Jed Hoyer '92!

    Rick Carey
    Just wanted to give a shoutout to Jed Hoyer '92 and congratulate him on a job well done. In honor of Jed, Theo Epstein, and the Chicago Cubs, we are rerunning an article written by Rick Carey for Holderness School Today back in 2015 in which Carey predicted their success--just not quite so quickly!
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  • Backstage at the Three Little Pigs

    Students Teaching Students

    Emily Magnus
    Students who joined Art-in-the-Afternoon this fall were not just given an opportunity to exercise their creative muscles, they also had a chance to give back and share their love of theater with the next generation of Holderness thespians.
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  • October

    A warning or an invitation?

    Some Assembly Required

    Bruce Barton
    Speaking to the entire school, Bruce Barton, director of college counseling, makes a parallel between toys that require assembly and actively participating in the Holderness experience. Waiting for the toy, or being the parent and not avoiding the "some assembly required" label are worth the effort. Likewise in life or specifically at Holderness, getting involved, participating creates engagement that is worth good effort.
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  • Sokeo Ros on the stage in Hagerman

    Sokeo Ros Workshops with Theater Students

    Emily Magnus
    Through dance and performance, Sokeo Ros has found ways to express his feelings and his history. Last week, he shared his knowledge of performance art with Holderness School's theater class. But theater wasn't their only topic of conversation. Sokeo Ros's childhood story about growing up as a Cambodian refugee enlightened students' world views as well.
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  • Feeding the pigs at D Acres

    Not Your Average Wednesday

    Emily Magnus
    During the ninth grade year at Holderness, students are often asked--in classes, in their dorms, and even during their free time--to think about what they can do for others. Last Wednesday, in fact, they dedicated a whole morning to putting others first.
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  • Phil Peck dining with families in Weld during Parents' Weekend

    The Wisdom of Caring for Others

    Phil Peck
    During Parents' Weekend, Head of School Phil Peck shared some recent stories he has received about our alumni and their dedication to serving others.
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  • Amelia Ortiz sharing her thoughts on the significance of Columbus Day

    America Loves Myths

    Amelia Ortiz
    On Monday in Outdoor Chapel, Chinese teacher Amelia Ortiz gave a powerful talk questioning the celebration of Columbus Day and challenging us to think about historical perspectives that continue to impact our thinking today. With compelling facts and statistics, she helped us consider another way in which privilege--our diversity theme for the year--has shaped the world we live in today and how we might play a role in changing that landscape. Please note: Some passages in her talk are graphic in nature and may not be suitable for children.
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  • New Valar T-bar on the Mittersill slopes at Cannon Mountain

    Mittersill Update

    Can't wait for winter and training runs at Mittersill! Here's an update from WMUR on what was accomplished this summer!
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  • Shamus Khan presenting at Hagerman on September 20, 2016

    On Addressing Power and Privilege

    Chae Hahn '17
    Author and educator, Shamus Kahn was a recent guest on-campus  He spent his day-long visit with faculty and students discussing privilege and providing a platform for further discussion.  Editor-in-Chief Chae Hahn '17 wrote this article for the school's student newspaper, The Picador.
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  • Mike Carrigan

    One Question Colloquium

    By Suzanne Dewey
    Over the summer, students, faculty, and all who are interested partake in a shared experience: reading a book. This year's All-School Summer Read was World War Z by Max Brooks. Fortunately, the experience doesn't end there. When students return from summer vacation, many faculty take time to discuss the All-School read and assign projects related to it. This year, students also participated in zombie tag and a one question colloquium. 
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  • September

    Allie Renzi ’12 Helps BU Defeat Colgate

    Read the Daily Free Press article covering how Holderness Alum Allie Renzi ’12 helped the #9 Boston University field hockey team beat Colgate University 9-0.

    Read the article here:
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  • Drink Deeply

    Bruce Barton
    Last weekend was Reunion and Homecoming Weekend. During the Convocation on Saturday morning, College Counselor Bruce Barton spoke to alumni about their contributions to Holderness and the importance of their return to campus.
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  • Tim Scott '73

    Drinking From Wells Other People Dug

    Tim Scott '73
    During Thursday evening chapel, we were fortunate to hear from Tim Scott '73, who currently resides in Jackson, NH but visits campus frequently to stay connected with the Holderness community. On Thursday evening, he shared with the community his thoughts on a passage from Deuteronomy.
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  • Students waiting to enter Trinity Chapel

    You are the Authors: A Chapel Sermon

    Bruce Barton
    It is a tradition early in the fall for all new students to attend a Monday morning chapel service in Trinity Chapel, one of the many historical buildings on campus. Students sign in as they enter the chapel; they will return just days before they graduate in the spring of their senior year. Today, Mr. Barton shared a history lesson with the new students before teaching them how to sing Hymn 711, "Seek Ye First."
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  • Students entering the Chapel of the Holy Cross

    What is Worth Wanting in Life?

    Bruce Barton
    The first Monday Morning Chapel service began in Hagerman when Rev. Weymouth shared with us excerpts from a New York Times article about the previous day's 9/11 services. Mr. Barton also spoke, sharing with us the expectations for attending chapel and being open to the opportunities the services present for reflection and spiritual growth. After he spoke, students and faculty walked together to the Chapel of the Holy Cross and participated in a very short service.
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  • Positivity and Persistence

    Phil Peck
    And the school year has begun! During his opening remarks to the students, Head of School Phil Peck talked about the importance of the two words seniors chose to guide their leadership of the school during the 2016-17 school year: positivity and persistence.
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  • Photographic Exhibit Opens September 9

    Suzanne Dewey
    The Edwards Art Gallery at Holderness School features four shows annually.  "Quiet Moments: The Photography of Alexandra de Steiguer" begins with a reception at the gallery with Ms. de Steiguer on September 9 at 6:30.  The public is welcome.
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  • August

    Holderness Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

    Emily Magnus
    Change is good. With each new school year, students bring renewed energy with them and the campus comes alive. New faculty and staff contribute to that energy as well, bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives that make us all think differently. This year there are six new faculty members as well as three new staff. Here’s a sneak peak at what they will be doing this year.
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  • July

    Welcome to Holderness Ivar Dahl!

    Emily Magnus
    Ivar Dahl's not new to Holderness School; his wife Janice is an English teacher at Holderness and a coach for the Eastern alpine team. The Dahls also live in Green Dorm just behind the Weld Dining Hall. As of August 1, however, Ivar's role in the Holderness community will become more professional as he takes on the leadership of the Snow Sports Program.
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  • Brette Harrington's Solo Soul Serenity

    Check out this great article about Brette Harrington in which she is called "one of North America's best trad climbers and free soloists." Read about her amazing career and view some beautiful photographs of her climbing all over the world!
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  • June

    There's Work to be Done!

    Emily Magnus
    The students are gone. Campus is empty. There’s no more work to be done, and we can all relax. Right?
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  • Brooke Hayes speaking at Holderness Commencment

    Bring Your Smiles Everywhere You Go

    Emily Magnus
    A Commencement Address by Brooke Hayes ’17
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  • Photo #1 by Liesl Magnus '17

    Reflections from Shanghai

    Emily Magnus
    From Marilee Lin on the streets of Shanghai: “We asked the students to try every day to focus on one experience and consider what it meant to them. They either could choose one image (among the many pictures they took) that they found especially interesting or evocative, and write a short reflection on it; or they could write about something they noticed and then take a picture that illustrated somehow the notion they were trying to convey.”
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  • Wired by Franz Nicolay

    Reflections from Xi'an

    Emily Magnus
    During the second leg of their journey, students and faculty traveled to Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province in northwest China. Xi'an is the starting point of the Silk Road and home to the Terracotta Warriors. Here are some of the student and faculty reflections from Xi’an.
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  • Chris Keating ’81 and Jeff Hauser ’13 Presented with Alumni Awards at Commencement

    Emily Magnus
    In addition to welcoming our Holderness graduates into the Holderness alumni community during Commencement exercises at the end of May, we also had the great honor of celebrating some outstanding alumni with two prestigious alumni awards.
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  • Dr. Furlonge working with students around a Harkness table in Schoolhouse

    One Shot: A Chapel Talk

    By Nicole Furlonge
    I know you have a lot on your minds. Science and English to be precise. But, I invite you to take a moment to think about something else: your “get psyched” playlist. You know, those songs you’ve catalogued on Spotify or Pandora that amplify your mornings, raise your spirits when you’re down, energize you for a game or performance or tough climb. Songs like Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” and “My Shot” from the amazing musical Hamilton. Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” And, one of my all-time favorite “get psyched” songs: Eminem’s “One Shot:” “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you want it, don’t ever ever let it go. You’ve only got one shot, do not miss this chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.” They are songs that are so powerful they can even get you pumped for the challenge of Exam Week.
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  • Celebrating the Life of the Mind

    Phil Peck
    The last twenty four hours at Holderness have been all about Senior Thesis. It began Thursday night with a fabulous sushi party that the dining room staff put on for our seniors and their parents at our house. Following which, we enjoyed three rounds of presentations/seminars. Today continued with senior thesis presentations/seminars going from 9:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon.
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  • Congratulations Class of 2016

    Phil Peck
    Sunday was the 137th Commencement Exercise for Holderness School. Commencement speaker David Lockwood inspired us with his thoughtful remarks and his moving song “Lucky You,” and we are very pleased to welcome our newest group of alumni, the Class of 2016! 
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  • CASE Leader Sue Cunningham

    CASE Leader Sue Cunningham Visits Holderness

    Emily Magnus
    Sue Cunningham is on a world tour, and one of her stops was Holderness School.
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  • David Lockwood performing

    About Gratitude and Saying Yes

    David Lockwood
    A Commencement Address by David Lockwood
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  • AJ Chabot at Holderness School Commencement

    Holding on to Senioritis

    Emily Magnus
    A Commencement Address by AJ Chabot '16
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  • May

    Chris Day in the Trinity Chapel

    Depart Immediately to Open Country

    Chris Day
    Each spring, as their high school careers come to a close, the Senior class gathers in the Trinity Chapel to hear some words of advice or inspiration from a departing faculty member. This year Chris Day spoke and he began with a quote from last year's All School Read, All the Light We Cannot See.
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  • Brooke and Celine getting ready to give their speeches

    Chapel Talks by Brooke Hayes'17 and Celine Yam'17

    Last week Holderness School Leaders for the 2016/17 school year were announced. This week in Chapel we heard from President-Elect Brooke Hayes and Vice President-Elect Celine Yam in their first speeches to the community.
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  • Announcing the 2016-17 Student Leaders of Holderness School

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  • AJ Chabot delivering his speech

    What is Leadership?

    AJ Chabot and Maggie Barton
         On Thursday evening, we gathered in the chapel to find out who would be our elected leaders for the 2016-17 school year. But before the official announcement, both current President AJ Chabot and current Vice President Maggie Barton shared their thoughts about leadership.
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  • Middlebury announces inductees for Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016

         Not just one but two members of the Holderness community were selected for the Middlebury Class of 2016 Athletic Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Don Henderson and Gordi Eaton!
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  • April

    Walking around the field even through the cold night!

    Holderness Relay for Life 2016

         On April 23rd, 2016 Holderness School hosted our annual Relay for Life Event. In all, 265 participants on 24 teams raised a total of $27,186, crushing our fundraising goal by more than seven thousand dollars. Thank you to everyone who made this such a successful and impactful event.
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  • Quentin McDowell '99

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

         In elementary school very few of us dreamed about working in an independent school; those who wanted to be firemen, astronauts, and professional athletes definitely out numbered those who wanted to be teachers. Yet the list of Holderness alumni who have returned to schools to teach, lead, and volunteer is significant; the pages of Holderness School Today are filled with stories of alumni involved in the field of education.
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  • Brooke Hayes '17

    Two Holderness students to attend New England Young Writers' Conference

         Congraulations to Brooke Hayes and Cat McLaughlin who were selected to participate in this year’s New England Young Writers’ Conference at the Breadloaf Campus of Middlebury College in May.
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  • Jini Rae Sparkman

    Two Holderness teachers accepted to Klingestein Summer Institute

         Congratulations to history teacher Tyler Cabot and English teacher Jini Rae Sparkman! They have been chosen from a competitive field of independent school teachers to participate in this year’s Klingenstein Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers.
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  • Snow Sports Director Georg Capaul retires

         It is with great sadness that we announce the retirement of Snow Sports Director Georg Capaul, who has dedicated the last 14 years of his life to Holderness School and its athletic programs.
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  • Randy Newman at Holderness School!

    Randy Newman Performs in Hagerman Auditorium

         On Friday night we had the fortune of having Randy Newman on campus for a performance. His voice filled Hagerman auditorium and his stories captivated our imagination.
         The concert was made possible because of a friendship music teacher David Lockwood developed with Mr. Newman over ten years ago when he was on sabbatical and working on one of his own albums. He asked Randy Newman to work with him and provide some critique.
         Mr. Newman played two sets and included familiar songs like “Short People” and “It’s a Jungle Out There.” He also dedicated “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to David Lockwood who will be retiring in June.
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  • A painting by Amanda Houston

    Edwards Art Gallery to Display a Lifetime of Art

          “Amanda’s creative life has been varied and full,” says Director of the Edwards Art Gallery Franz Nicolay. “Her extensive background in design has fine-tuned her eyes to the aesthetic reflection that she needs when she turns to her artistic color studies of the natural world.” The work of Amanda Houston ‘84 will be on display in the Edwards Art Gallery in April and May.
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  • March

    Katie Mandigo

    Middlebury graduate Katie Mandigo to coach ice hockey

         We are very excited to officially announce that Katie Mandigo will be our new Varsity Girls’ Ice Hockey Head Coach for the 2016-17 season. Katie brings a wealth of knowledge about the game and is excited to join the Holderness community.
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  • Karina Bladon '17

    Karina is headed to Junior Worlds!

         Just a week after completing Out Back, Karina Bladon ‘17 is headed to Rogla, Slovenia for Junior Worlds!
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  • Mittersill!

    WMUR update in Mittersill Project

         In this article by Paula Tracy, WMUR provides a great update on the progress the Mittersill Project.
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  • Different Path up the Same Mountain

    Bruce Barton
         Many folks who think about religion for a living use the metaphor of “different paths up the same mountain” to explain the presence of so many religions in the world. But not all agree. Some think that this metaphor is over simplified at best, or simply wrong at worst. So which is right? During his chapel talk, Mr. Barton asked students to keep this argument in mind as he explained Buddhism and the life of Siddhartha.
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  • Noa Lin '17

    Student artwork displayed at Ava Gallery

         In February and March ten Holderness students had their artwork displayed at the AVA Gallery and Art Center during their eighth annual regional high school art exhibition, featuring the creative work of 150 students from seventeen schools.
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  • Some of the award winners after assembly

    Winter Sports Awards Assembly

    Congratulations to all the award winners from this winter’s Athletic Sports Awards Assembly!  
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  • The One Love Approach

         On Monday in Chapel, several students shared information about relationship violence in preparation for a fundraising effort in May for One Love, an organization founded in 2010 to honor the memory of Yeardley Love, a student at the University of Virginia who was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend.
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  • February

    Several of the students who spoke in chapel

    Why Relay for Life?

         Tonight I want to take a moment of your time to share with you the stories from some very dedicated members of our own Relay for Life committee. Please respect the students who have chosen to share their stories with us, and also look for answers to some of the questions you may have lingering in your mind about what we do from here and why we are fundraising for the upcoming Holderness School Relay for Life.
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  • You Are Free, but You Are Responsible

    Randy Dales
    A Chapel Talk by Reverand Dales
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  • A Winter Climber

    Winter Mountaineering at Holderness

    An exciting new oppurtunity at Holdermess!
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  • Keying Yang '17 preforming in Chapel

    Chopin's Prelude #15

    Keying Yang '17
    Monday morning chapel was all about music. From a David Lockwood original to Chopin to Billie Holiday, the students were treated to 45 minutes of music performed by their peers.
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  • Chad Hahn '17

    Chad Hahn '17 wins Silver Key Award

    Congratulations to Chae Hahn ‘16 for winning the New Hampshire Scholastic Arts & Writing Contest’s Silver Key Award! Chae’s essay takes a deep and critical view into the recent developments surrounding the possible re-writing of history text books in Korea and Oklahoma and compares these changes to George Orwell’s 1984.
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  • January

    The Flynn Family

    Bleeding Blue

    David Flynn ’96, twenty years after graduating, admits he still “bleeds blue.” He was a tri-varsity athlete, a house leader in Niles Dorm, and a leader of Blue Key—the group of students who give tours to perspective students and their families. In July, David Flynn will take over as Director of Admission from Interim Director Cynthia Day.
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  • Kim Merrow and Neal Frei '03

    Community and Support at Holderness

    Kim Merrow
    A conversation between a new hire and an alumnus
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  • Ms. Sparkman

    What Do You Keep In You Closet?

    Jini Rae Sparkman
    An MLK Day Chapel Talk
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  • Moti Jiang '16 and Grace Lawerence '16

    A Chapel Talk Led by the Alliance

          Coretta Scott King says on the The King Center website, “We call you to commemorate this Holiday by making your personal commitment to serve humanity with the vibrant spirit of unconditional love that was his greatest strength, and which empowered all of the great victories of his leadership.” Holderness School takes this call seriously and tries every year to spend the day thinking about, talking about, and learning about groups that are often marginalized, discriminated against, and threatened.
         This year we are taking a look at gender and sexual orientation. And in order to extend the conversation, we use the days around MLK  Jr. Day to explore the theme in depth. This year we have two chapels, a movie on Tuesday night, and then a full day of speakers and workshops next Wednesday.
         In the first chapel on Thursday evening, the Alliance, a group of students dedicated to helping the LGBT community at Holderness, shared a short video and this poem below.
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  • Alpine Memories

    Buster Welch '59
         Later this month, the editors of Holderness School Today will publish an issue that celebrates the school’s snow sports history. From alpine skiing to jumping, from snowboarding to freeskiing, Holderness has proudly embraced snow sports, developing Olympic racers and coaches as well as passionate backcountry explorers. The next issue of HST will tell the stories of our alumni as well as the stories of the school. 
         While we did our best to include as many stories as we could, we didn’t have room for all of them. Here’s one story, however, we couldn’t let go. Buster Welch ’59 spent two years at Holderness and has many tales to tell about living with roommate Chris Hoagland ’59 and next door neighbor Gerry Ashworth ’59 (who later went on to win an Olympic gold medal in 1964 as a member of the 4x100-meter relay team). Other tales involve his memories of the ski team—training with Don Henderson and racing in the Eastern Junior Championships. We’ll let him do the rest of the talking…
    Editor’s note: This story contains some disturbing content.
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  • Photo by Thatcher Hullerman Cook

    The Edge of the Meadow

    Thatcher Hullerman Cook
    An exihibit in the Edward's Art Gallery
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  • We Can Be Influential

    Brian Tierney
    A Chapel Talk
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