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Welcome to our News & Events page, a connection to what's happening here on campus. Check back often to see what's new. And thanks for visiting. If you're looking for a past event page, please click on "Special Events" above to find what you're looking for.
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Livestream Links | Weekend of Oct 31st
Friday, 10/31

Rink Architect Hired; Students Study Photo Voltaic Possibilities
Holderness School has hired the H.L. Turner Group as the lead architect on the construction of its new outdoor hockey rink, slated for opening for the 2015 – 2016 ice hockey season. The new rink’s design reflects a long-standing “bold and cold” Holderness ice hockey tradition – with a few modern improvements.  The new rink will provide for two heated spectators areas, a plaza between Bartsch/Gallop and the rink, an improved foot pattern and walkway, and, of course, significantly upgraded mechanicals. Milestone Construction Management will be managing the project.

The current plan also calls for installation of Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels on the new roof; such an installation could result in a net zero result on electricity use for the rink.  Holderness students in this term’s science elective, “Energy,” conducted research on the possibilities of PV this fall. With more efficient LED lighting and refrigeration, and supported by rebates from the NHEC and an early gift from a donor motivated by solar, Holderness School hopes to make an important statement about sustainability along with creating a vital, welcoming and inspiring home for Holderness School hockey.

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Tabor Day Schedule Announced
Download this year's Tabor Day schedule HERE. Parents and alumni, we hope you'll come back to campus to cheer the teams on!

“Evolving Tradition” Opens at the Edwards Art Gallery November 4, 2014
Opening November 4th and running through December 13th, “Evolving Tradition,” a show featuring the work of ceramic artist Yoshinori Hagiwara, will be on view at the Edwards Art Gallery at the Holderness School in Plymouth, NH. Hagiwara was born in 1974 as the fifth generation of the Hagiwara workshop and is part of a tradition that includes last year’s exhibitor and renowned ceramic artist, Ken Matsuzaki.  The opening reception is on November 4th from 6:30 – 8pm

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The Picador: The Parents' Weekend Edition
Inside this issue:
- An interview with Jini Rae Sparkman
- A Letter from Abroad: Paige Pfenninger '15 writes from Bosnia
- Dearly Departed Thespians: Unplugged
To read the online version click here!

"Dearly Departed" Opens Thursday in Hagerman Auditorium
"Dearly Departed," written by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones and directed by Holderness Art Department Chair and Theater Director, Monique Devine, opens for a two night run on Thursday, October 16th.  The play, which starts Holderness students, is set in the Baptist backwoods of the Bible Belt and features a beleaguered Turpin family and chaotic, hilarious adventures.  Here are headshots of the cast and crew.  Curtain time is 8pm both evenings.

"Racing the Rez" Opens Diversity Series
Holderness School is kicking off this year's "race and ethnicity" diversity theme with a School Night featuring the film "Racing the Rez."  The film, set in the rugged canyon lands of Northern Arizona, follows Navajo and Hopi cross-country runners from two  rival high schools that put it all on the line for Tribal pride, triumph over adversity and state championship glory. “For Native culture, running is much more than a sport,” comments filmmaker Brian Truglio. “It’s part of their creation stories and is  woven into the cultural fabric of their lives. Whether distant or recent, every family’s lore contains legends of runners.” After the film Truglio will Skype in to Hagerman Auditorium to answer questions from the student body.
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Fall Parents' Weekend Schedule
Parents' Weekend is October 16 - 18th! Download the schedule here. See you soon!

Parents' Newsletter | October 8, 2014
Here's this week's Parent's Newsletter featuring livestream links, information about Parents' Weekend, weekend activities and more.
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Conway Sun Calls Robert Shetterly show "engaging, vital and captivating"
In the Monday, October 7 edition of The Conway Daily Sun, writer Cynthia Meledy reviewed our Edwards Art Gallery Show, "Americans Who Tell the Truth."  The article is here.  You can also subscribe to the Conway Sun.

Holderness School Works Towards Sustainability
With a sustainability mission statement vowing to “embrace environmental stewardship and responsibility,” Holderness School is committed to helping address the environmental challenges global citizens face today.  Excessive resource consumption, global interdependency and documented climate change are ever more urgent concerns. Our school community believes we have a responsibility to “maintain environmental integrity for the benefit of humankind and all of God’s creation.”  The launch of our biomass project this autumn is a big step in this direction.

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State of the School 2014 | Alumni Convocation Address
On Saturday, September 27th, Head of School Phil Peck addressed alumni and faculty at the first annual Alumni Convocation on the state of the school.  His address entitled, "The Paradox of Holderness Today, is below.  Bruce Barton, our director of college counseling, gave an introduction that can be read here.
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