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    Welcome to our News & Events page, a connection to what's happening here on campus. Check back often to see what's new. And thanks for visiting. If you're looking for a past event page, please click on "Special Events" above to find what you're looking for.
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    Princeton Dean of Admission Janet Rapleye to Speak at 2015 Commencement
    Janet Rapelye, dean of admissions at Princeton University, will be the 2015 Commencement speaker for Holderness School.  Recognized widely as one of higher education’s most respected admission deans, Rapelye plans to work with the class of ’15 on her subject matter, customizing it to reflect their concerns and interests. Head of School Phil Peck describes Rapelye as having a “humble confidence,” adding that “we are blessed to have somebody so knowledgeable who aligns with our core values so well, to share her wisdom to the class of 2015 at our 136th Commencement.”
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    Alumni Magazine Wins CASE Excellence Award
    Holderness School Staff Writer, Rick Carey took home a silver in the category "Article of the Year: Independent Schools" at the CASE (Council for Advancement in Secondary Education) District 1 2015 Excellence Awards. The article "The Ants Go Marching" portrays Holderness School's financial sustainability efforts over the decades and is notable for making the story of the school's finances compelling, accessible, and inspiring. Carey's work was supported by HST editor Emily Magnus '88 who is the school's Director of Publications, and by designer Clay Dingman of Barking Cat Productions who created the infographics that accompanied the piece. Read the article here. Read the full issue of HST here.

    Quarter 3 Honor Roll & Excellent Effort Grades Released
    Holderness is proud to announce the list of students on high honor roll and honor roll for the third quarter of the 2014-2015 academic year. Great work, and congratulations!
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    The Picador: The Special Programs Edition
    Inside this issue:
    - Interviews with last year's participants in each program!
    - Back by popular demand, Overheards and Shoutouts!
    - And to keep you singing through all of Special Programs--playlists for each program
    Click here to read the online edition!
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    Parents' Newsletter | February 27, 2015
    Click through to read the latest news from Amy Woods...
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    The Picador: Volume 10, Issue 9
    Inside this issue of The Picador:
    - Jesse Ross '13 Prepares for His Adventures on the AT
    - ANWR: Conservation vs. Development
    - Is Too Much "Buy-In" Bad?
    Click here to read the online issue!
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    2015-2016 Academic Calendar Announced
    The official calendar for school year 2015-2016 is now available. Click here to view or download.

    Chapel Talk | Jeremy Stubbs on 'doing what we are supposed to be doing!"
    "So I am inviting you to play a play a really simple game, " said math faculty Jeremy Stubbs in Chapel on Thursday, "but this game is practice for your life...Let’s take on doing what we are supposed to be doing, the way we are supposed to be doing it."  Read his inspirational speech below.
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    Parents' Newsletter | February 20, 2015
    Here is this week's Parents' Newsletter!  Enjoy...
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    Dr. Bernard Sweeney Speaks on "Fresh Water: The Deciding Element on the Planet Earth"
    On Friday, February 20 the Holderness School hosted Dr. Bernard Sweeney, an expert on the importance of water to our planet. His talk, "Fresh Water: The Deciding Element on the Planet Earth," was the feature at the regular Friday Asssembly. Dr. Sweeney is the Director, President and Senior Research Scientist at the Stroud Water Research Center in Avondale, PA.

    One Day Together | School Launches 1st Giving Day
    February 18th, 2015 marks Holderness School's first ever Day of Giving, a celebration of philanthropy involving the entire Holderness community. Gifts in variations on the school's founding date - 1879 - as well as class-specific challenges, video, photo and social media challenges are all encouraged. Our goals are togetherness, engagement and support for the Holderness Fund!  Read Phil Peck's letter from this morning's opening gift at 6am HERE, and join us to give online HERE.
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